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Web Development Services

Website development is the first aspect of setting your brand’s virtual presence and taking it off the ground. A website’s design and layout help customers decide if you have the kind of brand they want to interact with.


A dull and slow website can scare customers away as quickly as a poor-quality product. This is where enter the picture. As a leading digital marketing agency Raleigh offers, we work with the most reputable web developers. They will build a website for you that functions correctly, is optimized across all devices, and creates brand authority.


Website Management


A well-rounded and up-to-date website ensures timely content delivery to your clients and increased conversions. Our experts possess the ability to:


  • Fix troubleshooting problems rapidly
  • Attention to detail
  • Monitor traffic and create analysis reports
  • Make back-end adjustments to ensure your website runs properly
  • Choose a content management system suited to your business


As an exceptional web design and development agency, we have the skills and expertise to guarantee optimal website functionality 24/7 to keep your customers satisfied and happy.


Exceledor Web Innovations LLC is on track to grow into Raleigh’s best web design and development agency by making sure your website conveys your brand message effectively.


We Prioritize You and Your Business Well-Being

Focus on taking care of your customers and we will focus on the rest!


Great For Business that Just Started

Website Design / Redesign
(1-3 Pages)
Website Maintenance
SEO Optimization
Market Analysis
Social Media Management
(2 Accounts)
(Bi-Monthly Posts)

Excelerate Package

Has a few clients and Needs that Extra Push

Website Redesign
(4-7 Pages)
Continual SEO Optimization
SEO Website Content Creation
Website Maintenance
Market Analysis
Social Media Management
(4 Accounts)
(Weekly Posts)

Exceledor Package

All In One Package

Complete Website Overhaul
Extreme SEO Optimization
SEO Blog Posts
SEO Web Content Creation
Website Maintenance
(24/7 Support)
Deep Market Analysis
Top 3 Competitor Research
Social Media Management
(Up to 7 Accounts)

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